Business Advisory

Starting and running a strong and profitable business is about far more than simply opening your doors. If you make Golden Plains Accountants + Advisors part of your team, we will use our range of advisory services to assist you in ensuring your business is profitable and thriving, which will allow you to achieve your personal lifestyle goals.

Business Planning & Strategic Planning

Although creating a business plan is a daunting task, we will help you make the process as simple and stress free as possible. A decent business plan is crucial for you to achieve your goals through competitiveness and growth.

Business Planning is necessary to demonstrate to investors and stakeholders that your business outlook is profitable and successful, giving them the confidence to invest in you and your business.

Strategic planning is for established businesses and business owners who are serious about growth. A strategic plan will help to build a competitive advantage, prioritise financial needs and provide focus and direction to move from a plan into action.

KPIs & Benchmarking

Once your plan is in action and your goals are set, it’s important to track your progress and and milestones using Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We can help you to determine what actions need to be taken and then assess the effectiveness an adjust for future performance.

Benchmarking is an effective tool to see where you could improve the successful areas of your business, where to best focus your attention and what resources are required to achieve your goals.

By comparing to like businesses, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and find out what makes top performers so successful, and avoid failure routes others have already followed.

Benchmarking allows you to view your business without bias, enabling you to set reasonable and objective expectations.


We can assist you to create and manage a detailed budget to ensure your business remains on track to meet your profit expectation and milestone objectives. Without a realistic budget, business owners lack a way to measure performance against expectations, identify capital requirements and estimate expenses and anticipated revenue. A budget allows you to plan how to attain and monitor results to prevent budgets being exceeded, and will allow you to adapt early to compensate for any changes in forecasts.

Cashflow Management

This is an essential measure of financial health. It’s amazing how many businesses fail becuase the have neglected to monitor and measure their cash flow.

Cash flow management allows you to ensure your business has the cash flow required to meet your month to month requirements, enabling your business to remain operational through slower periods and improve your relationship with suppliers.

Having a strong cashflow allows you to seize opportunities that you may otherwise miss.

Let us assist you in analysing your cash flow – you may be feeling growing pains as a result of expansion (additional occupancy costs, inventory, new employees etc) or may just need help managing your credit terms to ease liquidity pain.

Succession Planning & Exit Strategy

Understanding how and when you want to exit your business is a very important stage that is often overlooked until the chance to manage the process is already gone. Plan for how you want to exit your business and how you can gain the most financially from the process.

For those considering selling their business, it is crucial to understand what makes a business attractive to a buyer, where your business is currently positioned and what actions should be taken to maximise your business potential by the time you are ready to sell.

Our Services


Business Advisory

  • Tax Planning.
  • Business & Strategic Planning.
  • Establishment of new business structures.
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Tax And Compliance

  • Individual Tax Returns from $120.00.
  • BAS/IAS – monthly and quarterly.
  • Partnerships, Trusts, Companies & SMSF Taxation Returns.
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  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Payroll Services via Single Touch Payroll.
  • Processing with SBSCH.
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We can tailor our services to your business needs, including pricing and payment structures. We are not a one size fits all firm. We are small enough to be flexible and we are experienced enough to provide great value and services for your business.

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